The "Maximizer" Premium Mixed Nuts Raw Unsalted

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Premium Mixed Nuts w/Macadamias (No Peanuts)- 2Lbs(32Oz)


Inspired by the mountainous upward slide of life, the ‘Maximizer’ hits the peaks with eight pickings of the most potent, popular nuts. Massive in stature, its benefits are indisputable!!
  • Almonds (15%), Brazil Nuts (12.5%), Cashews (15%), Hazelnuts (15%), Macadamia Nuts (7.5%), Pecans (12.5%), Pistachios (7.5%), Walnuts (15%)
  • Raw, Unsalted and Unroasted 
  • A Monumental Source of Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins and Essential Fats  
  • Perfect for Baking, Cereals and Snacking
  • Great value 32Oz pack
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