2 Packs Maseca Corn Flour - Gluten Free, For Tortillas & Wraps - 2 x 2.2lb

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Maseca Masa Harina White Corn Flour - 2 x 2.2lb Twin Pack
Masa Harina is a maize (corn) flour traditionally used in Mexican cuisine for making authentic style tortillas, tamales, pupusas and many other South American dishes. The flour is made from corn kernels which are cooked and soaked in lime, and then finely ground. It is a naturally gluten free flour, and if you've ever tasted an authentic tortilla you'll instantly recognize its enticing texture and aroma.
  • Masa Harina Maize (Corn) Flour
  • Naturally gluten free
  • A good source of fiber, protein, vitamin B-6 and magnesium
  • Ideal for tortillas, wraps and many other dishes
  • Great value 2 x 1kg twin pack


Recipe Suggestion:
Tortilla Wraps
Unleavened flat-breads such as tortillas are not only delicious and fun to make, they are also incredibly quick and easy! No yeast means no rising, which means Mexican goodness in no time!!
190g Masa Harina flour
250ml warm water
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp xanthan gum (optional)
Pinch of salt
Oil of your choice for frying (optional - you can dry fry if you prefer)
1.) Mix the Masa Harina and salt in a mixing bowl.
2.) Add the water and olive oil and mix together until you have a smooth dough. Make sure the dough's not too dry or it will be crumbly. Get your hands in there and enjoy it!
3.) On a very lightly floured surface, divide your dough into around 6-8 equal size pieces. You can make these much smaller if they're just for snacks, but I like wraps...well, big enough to wrap!
4.) Roll into balls and flatten each one down with the palm of your hand - or roll out with a rolling pin if you want them thinner.
5.) Lightly oil (if using) a frying pan and place on a high heat.
6.) Cook each side of the tortillas for around 1 minute. A trick I use is to place a large pan (such as a wok) over the frying pan for the first minute which gets a lot of steam going and keeps everything super light!
7.) Remove each tortilla once they're done and wrap in a clean tea towel or some kitchen roll to keep them soft and warm.
8.) Serve 'em up! Tortillas go with just about any sandwich filling. For something a bit more fancy try some grilled fish assembled on a bed of iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, garlic and coriander with a dollop of natural yogurt and a few drops of hot sauce to finish. The best!!
Allergen Information
Packed on a premises which handles nuts, seeds and cereals (not containing gluten).
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