2 Pack Plantation Blackstrap Molasses 15oz-Superfood!

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Plantation Blackstrap Molasses - Twin Pack 2 x 15oz

Pure blackstrap molasses are created during the process of sugar production whereby the sugar cane is boiled into a liquid and at various stages different types of refined sugars are extracted. The 'third boil' yields blackstrap molasses - by which point much of the sucrose has crystallized and been removed. The result is the thick, viscous and bittersweet molasses which unlike refined sugars, contains exceptionally high levels of minerals and vitamins. Sometimes referred to as belonging in the 'superfood' group, just a one teaspoon of blackstrap molasses contains around 35% of your daily requirements of calcium and iron, amongst many other minerals and vitamins. Great for adding richness to sauces, baking, glazing, or just as a sweetener in hot drinks. 

  • Unsulphured and free from GMOs
  • High in calcium, iron, copper, chromium and vitamin B6
  • Perfect for adding to sauces, baking and glazing
Serving Suggestion:

One of our all-time favorite foods, this wondrous substance is an awesome replacement for refined sugar in coffee. Try adding a teaspoon to a good quality freshly brewed coffee with some organic whole milk or cream, and top with a dash of cinnamon. Rich, sweet and velvety. We love it.